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About the Young Professionals Network

Founded in 2008, YPN is the premier organization of its type in the region and facilitates networking and professional development events for young professionals.

With the support of the Santa Rosa Metro Chamber and our Annual Sponsors, YPN allows members to gain access to networking opportunities with young prominent industry leaders and ambitious peers as well as resources and events to foster professional development.

YPN is also committed to further establishing a community of young professionals and assisting in the cultivation of a skilled professional workforce to positively affect the business economy of the greater Santa Rosa region.

Who we are

With approximately 200 active memberships, YPN is a broad-reaching organization consisting of young professionals between the ages of 21-40 who work and live in Sonoma County. YPN’s members reflect the key demographics found within Sonoma County and work in a wide variety of local industries from professional services to hospitality.

Beyond the large and influential membership base, YPN also hosts monthly recurring events and a large annual event that reaches a wide audience of professionals throughout the county. All YPN events are designed to provide enriching professional education and foster a vibrant community of young professionals that help build a foundation of talented young men and women.

What our members are saying

“If it wasn’t for YPN I wouldn’t have met my boss and been given such an amazing opportunity.”
- April Varellas, Marketing Specialist, Sonoma Clean Power

“YPN is a breath of fresh air. It’s full of like-minded young professionals who are coming together to network to advance their career goals and make an impact in the community. When I returned home from college, I was so glad to have found the organization, and becoming a member brought me even closer to my community and everyone who comprise it.”
- Jack Tibbets, Santa Rosa City Council

“YPN helped me establish myself in the Santa Rosa community.  It introduced me to the up and coming business professionals and I am still friends with them today.”
- Michael A. Cook, RLA, CLIA, Vice President, Planning & Landscape Architecture, Firma Design Group

Overview of YPN events


Constructed similarly to a YPN BASH, WhyYPN events allow new and potential members to learn about the history of the organization, benefits of being a member, and how to get the most out of your membership. New and potential members also have the chance to meet YPN’s board members and ambassador team.

Learning Paths

The Metro Chamber is offering YPN members various learning opportunities to develop as entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders in their community. The Leadership Learning Path is a monthly series of classes that cover topics critical to the development of leadership principles & best practices.


One of YPN’s most popular recurring events, BASHes are casual networking gatherings for members to socialize over cocktails. BASHes are held at a variety of Sonoma County’s wonderful restaurants and bars. We partner with local establishments to host monthly events and provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere for our members to socialize.


BigWig events were created to allow members to meet with prominent members and learn about their personal career development in a friendly atmosphere. This event provides our members with access to Sonoma County’s movers and shakers.


A Mixer + BASH, our new bi monthly event is a chance for YPNrs to connect with Chamber members.

Professional Development Day

A key event that echoes YPN’s commitment to young professionals, Professional Development Day brings together business leaders, guest speakers, and local companies to provide insights and knowledge about career development. Professional Development Day is open to both YPN members and the general public.

Premier & Executive Members


Office: (707) 545-1414
Fax: (707) 545-6914


Santa Rosa Metro Chamber
50 Old Courthouse Square
Suite 110
Santa Rosa, CA 95404


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