Employer Supported Child Care

High-quality, affordable, and accessible child care has a significant impact on the economic growth and competitiveness of our companies and country. Yet America is facing a child care challenge that threatens the productivity and strength of the workforce of today—as well as the quality of the workforce of tomorrow.

The Current Workforce

In most families, it is no longer the case that one parent works and one stays home. Child care is essential in supporting parents’ ability to work and further their skills through education.

But quality child care can be difficult to find and afford for many families.

As a result of the 2017 wildfires, Sonoma County lost 15 licensed child care programs, displacing 444 children.

A Sonoma County family earning the median household income spends 20% of it on child care. For an individual earning minimum wage, care costs 64% of their earnings.

The Future Workforce

A growing body of research shows that high-quality early learning programs deliver both short- and long-term benefits for children and the community.

Studies show that investments in early childhood education result in higher wages later in life, increased tax revenue, more effective public schools, improved personal and public health, less crime, and more educated, skilled workers.

An investment in early childhood education means significant public return on investment, which can be as high as $16 for every $1 spent. High-quality child care is not a luxury—it is a necessity.

The Business Case

When businesses invest in child care, they see results. Employer Supported Child Care is the most powerful retention and recruitment tool available.

Businesses typically see up to and beyond a 100% ROI resulting from tax savings, increased retention & productivity and decreased absenteeism.

For business, high-quality child care is a smart investment. It supports the workforce of today (parents), while helping lay the strong foundation necessary for success in the future workforce (children). High-quality, affordable child care is critical to a healthy, prosperous economy.

What We’re Doing

The Santa Rosa Metro Chamber is available to consult on Employer Supported Child Care options and opportunities, and is here to support you throughout the process of creating on-site, near-site, or consortium-based child care for your employees including:

  • Administering or furnishing surveys for your employees to assess need
  • Producing ROI comparisons for models that match your interest and need
  • Connecting you with possible providers of care
  • Providing resources and models to ensure a quality program and maximize your investment
  • Serving as a convener and advocate from investigation to implementation

To learn more about how Employer Supported Child Care can work for your organization, contact Ananda Sweet, VP of Public Policy & Workforce Development at 707-636-3662.


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