Downtown Community Benefit District

For detailed information on budget, boundaries, governing board and assessment calculations, view the District Plan [PDF]The City of Santa Rosa has given downtown property owners the chance to improve our downtown – but we need your vote to make it happen.

A Downtown Santa Rosa Community Benefit District is a special assessment based on property square footage and street frontage that property owners pay to enhance services such as:

  • SAFETY OFFICERS to enhance public safety and cleanliness and ensure public spaces are available to families, visitors and community
  • MAINTENANCE STAFF to clean sidewalks, plant flowers, put up banners, maintain Square grass and pavers
  • CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS for decorative lighting, signage, seating and landscaping
  • MARKET AND PROMOTE downtown businesses, attracting community and visitors
  • MANAGE EVENTS downtown, including on the Square, to bring customers and dollars intodowntown

Most importantly, the funds are controlled by an independent board comprised of property owners paying the assessments. In addition, the City of Santa Rosa cannot use these funds to replace services currently provided nor use the funds for its own budget.

The proposed community benefit district is approximately 25 square blocks consisting of 159 parcels owned by 118 property owners, including the City of Santa Rosa, shown in the map. While the City of Santa Rosa will also pay an assessment, the assessment funds cannot backfill existing city services.

To move forward, the community benefit district needs votes from property owners that represent at least 30% of the total assessments. The City Council will then call a second vote to establish the district legally, which requires a more than 50% vote. Property owners have the right to dissolve the district at any time.


“We have made progress – but more is needed. The District will make sure that the downtown is clean and safe and beautiful and full of people and energy – it’s what business needs, what the community needs, what we all need, now!”

Hugh Futrell, downtown business and property owner

“Successful cities have vibrant downtowns. I support the District because people who own businesses and property downtown can have more control over the activity and services that make our downtown more successful.”

Sonu Chandi, downtown business owner

“This will give the downtown the same advantage businesses have that are in shopping centers – not just in Courthouse Square, but throughout the downtown area. Safety Patrol, Ambassadors, Beautification, Programming and much more! The downtown will be the place where everyone will want to be!”

 – Michael Hyman, downtown business and property owner

“We have invested our lives in downtown Santa Rosa. I support the District because it will provide even more reasons for people to come downtown to eat at our wonderful restaurants and spend time in our shops.”

Sue and Ric, downtown business and property owner



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