November 3rd Election - Voter Guide
Published Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Every election year, the Santa Rosa Chamber Business and Community Political Action Committee (Chamber PAC) endorses candidates and the Metro Chamber’s Advocacy Council provides recommendations on statewide and local ballot measures that are critical to Santa Rosa’s and Sonoma County’s future. For candidate and measure position support opportunities, please contact Ananda Sweet, VP of Public Policy & Workforce Development.

Recommendations on Ballot Measures

Proposition 15 - OPPOSE - Split Roll Property Tax Initiative

This split roll initiative would have a negative impact on our entire economy, further harming the business community already under distress due to COVID-19; would negatively impact employees; and would increase prices for consumers. The initiative would disproportionately harm small business by creating increased rents at the time they can least afford it. In addition to immediate increased burden to small business and consumers, Proposition 15 would further damage our economy by discouraging business investment in California and by discouraging needed housing development, as local governments would receive more property tax revenue from industrial and commercial developments.

Proposition 21 - OPPOSE - Rent Control Initiative

Our housing crisis is the greatest threat to our long-term economic and cultural success. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed yet again how fragile our housing infrastructure is to crisis and economic fluctuations. Without significantly expanding housing supply for our residents, housing costs will continue to be an overwhelming burden to many and make future disasters more acutely painful for our community. The preponderance of evidence and research show rent control and just cause eviction laws do nothing to provide housing, reduce homelessness or provide affordable housing for renters, and experts agree that these policies exacerbate housing shortages. Home development is the most effective way to ease the cost of housing.

All Local Tax Measures - OPPOSE - No new or extended tax measured until 2022

This is not the right time to ask voters to approve tax measures. We are in an economic crisis, navigating fires, PSPS, school closures, and ever-changing health restrictions due to a global pandemic. Families and businesses are struggling to survive. We are facing high unemployment rates, small businesses are closing or struggling to remain open, and economists predict almost half of those businesses will not survive. Now more than ever it is time for us to support our families, workers, seniors, and small businesses. Many families are facing lost wages, lack of child care and elevated health care costs. These measures would disproportionately burden our middle class and low-income families, the unemployed, and fixed-income seniors every time they access basic needs and everyday expenses. The Chamber has supported taxes before and will again. But before we can ask taxpayers to fund new programs, offset general funds, and expand infrastructure, we must first protect the financial wellbeing of families, small businesses, and our workforce.

Candidates Endorsed by the Chamber PAC

U.S. House of Representatives

Jared Huffman, CA-2

Mike Thompson, CA-5

California State Senate

Bill Dodd, District 3

California State Assembly

Jim Wood, District 2

Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, District 4

Marc Levine, District 10

Santa Rosa City Council

Jorge Inocencio, District 1

Jack Tibbetts, District 3

Chris Rogers, District 5

Eric Christensen, District 7

Sonoma County Junior College, Santa Rosa Area, (Elect 2)

Mariana Martinez

Kerry Rego

Santa Rosa City Schools, Board of Trustees

Jenni Klose, Area 1

Alegría De la Cruz, Area 3

Ed Sheffield, Area 5

Official Election Information

For local election information including voting & drop box locations, measures, candidates, and answers to frequently asked questions, click here.

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