Convene. Empower. Act.

The Santa Rosa Metro Chamber exists to grow our economy, advocate for the business community, and provide member businesses with the tools to succeed. What makes us unique and powerful is how we do this: we convene, we empower, we act.


The Chamber has long been a “convener” of people and businesses. Dating back to our founding when the Chamber was the vehicle to bring businesses together to rebuild our City after the 1906 earthquake, the Chamber has brought people together to accomplish more than any one individual or business or organization could accomplish alone. Whether through the Young Professionals Network (YPN), Leadership Santa Rosa, Visit Santa Rosa, or our Advocacy Council, convening has always been our first step towards acting to solve problems.


Empowering our members means ensuring that they have the knowledge, resources, and support to succeed. Convening is not sufficient in and of itself.  It leads to repetitive, frustration conversations that go no where. Discussions come to naught if not accompanied by the means to act.

Empowerment takes many forms at the Metro Chamber. It can come in the form of workshops that provide attendees with the skills or knowledge they need to help their businesses grow. It can come through creating a funding mechanism like the Tourism Business Improvement Area that provides groups of our members the resources to act for themselves to grow their businesses and improve our economy. It can come as authority granted by the Board to the Advocacy Council to speak out on behalf of the Chamber on issues important to the business community.

In all of these cases, empowerment enables action.


Convening and empowering enables action.  And the Metro Chamber has a long history of acting. When we act, we build bridges—like we did with the Golden Gate. We rebuild downtown centers, like we did after the 1906 earthquake and like we are doing right now. When we act we provide the land for the Santa Rosa Junior College campus.  We create hospitals, including Memorial Hospital. We extend runways, at the Santa Rosa Airport. We tackle and solve the problems and challenges of our community.


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