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"Participating in Leadership Santa Rosa is one of the best things I have ever done personally and professionally. After living in Sonoma County for so long, I thought I knew a lot about the county and city of Santa Rosa, but after completing the LSR program I feel better equipped to navigate all of the different community and governmental systems. I have a much greater understanding of how everything is interconnected. After you complete the 2 year LSR program, you find yourself almost overwhelmed with all the knowledge you have taken in and a renewed desire to find your place to lean in. What also makes LSR special is that the mission and quality of the program remains consistent but we can modify the content to be responsive and relevant to address current issues impacting our local community. There is so much going on in our world these days, and because of LSR I feel better equipped to meet the moment."

Lorez Bailey, Chop's Teen Club
LSR 32

"Leadership Santa Rosa was an amazing opportunity to learn about Sonoma County government, economy, education, healthcare and so much more -- it really is the masters program of Sonoma County. On top of the educational component, LSR is an invaluable way to meet and expand your community network that will benefit the work you do no matter what profession you are in."

Herman G. Hernandez, Sonoma County Office of Education, Board Trustee
LSR 34

"LSR was by far one of the most rewarding experiences in my professional and personal career. Not only did I learn more about my community, I forged connections and friendships that will last a lifetime. I am humbled and honored to have been a part this integral and impactful program with a legacy of building strong leaders who are equipped to meet our collective challenges head on."

Mary Henderson, Via Strategies
LSR 34

"I have so many fond memories from Leadership Santa Rosa -- developing lifelong friendships, business contacts, and most importantly an incredible amount of gratitude and understanding of our community. LSR helped me grow professionally and personally through their interactive days, each one highlighting a different aspect or topic in our community. I was able to meet so many incredible people from a diverse range of professions, yet we all had a common goal of wanting to understand our community better and learn how we can help make it better. LSR has a very special place in my heart, and even though I think Class 33 is the best class ever, I can say without a doubt that LSR is the best leadership program ever!"

Akash Kalia, Palms Inn
LSR 33

"Five years after being in Class 32, LSR was and continues to be the most impactful program I have ever been involved with. From the learning to the connections, LSR continues to play an important role in my life."

John Ghigliazza, PG&E
LSR 32

"Professionally and personally, I am grateful for the relationships, the learnings, and the opportunity to be a part of this one-of-a-kind experience! You connect with bright minds from all different sectors, and establish a valuable network, that I know will be with me beyond my time in this program."

Priscilla Jaworski Quintanilla, Redwood Credit Union
LSR 36

"I was brand new to the community and looking for a way to dive in and learn about all the wonderful people, places, and things Sonoma County has to offer. LSR was the perfect choice!"

Daniel J. Wilson, Esq., Anderson Zeigler, P.C.
LSR 35

"The Leadership Santa Rosa program was one of the best experiences I have had the privilege of participating in. The program allowed me to learn about the beautiful diversity of Sonoma County and how I could connect with other community sectors while also building partnership and connections that will last a lifetime!"

Jennielynn Holmes, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Santa Rosa
LSR 32

"LSR was one of the best professional experiences I have ever had. I learned so much about different sectors in our community and made lifelong friendships."

Tiffani Montgomery, 4Cs Sonoma County
LSR 31 & Past President LSRAA

"I was a new member of the community at the time, which made this experience even more valuable to me personally. Not only did I meet and befriend some incredible people, I learned more about our amazing county in one year than some people learn having lived their whole lives here."

Terence F. Powell, Jr., AIF, Redwood Credit Union
LSR 34

"The two year Leadership Santa Rosa course was an awesome experience! I learned things about our community that I never knew I didn’t know."

Tom Schwedhelm, Mayor, City of Santa Rosa
LSR 19

"At La Tortilla Factory, we operate according to a number of guiding principles. Two of these principles are a strong commitment to education and giving back to our community. My participation in LSR provided me with the needed foundation that I see as an essential component to performing the second commitment responsibly. The experience and the relationships that I forged through my participation have proven to be invaluable."

Willie Tamayo, La Tortilla Factory (retired)
LSR 13



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