Council on Aging: Not sure how you should be feeling a year after the fires?

Posted by: Unknown on Friday, October 5, 2018 at 8:00:00 am

There is no one or right way to remember this event in our community.
We are unique and experience grief and loss in our own way.

California HOPE is still here to help you navigate the 1-year milestone of the October 2017 wildfires. Our trained counselors offer free and confidential individual and group counseling services for all Sonoma County residents experiencing “anniversary reactions.”

Anniversary reactions are an individual’s response to unresolved grief resulting from significant losses. These reactions can involve several days or even weeks of anxiety, anger, nightmares, flashbacks, depression or fear.

Reactions may include the following:

  • Memories, Dreams, Thoughts and Feelings- intrusive thoughts and feelings, or reoccurring dreams or nightmares that may be as vivid as the actual disaster.
  • Grief and Sadness- related to loss of a home, loved one, income or employment.
  • Fear and Anxiety- may lead to jumpiness, startled responses and vigilance about safety.
  • Frustration, Anger and Guilt- reminders of what has been lost, including people, possessions, and time; frustrations with bureaucratic aspects; guilt about surviving.
  • Avoidance- attempt to treat the anniversary as an ordinary day.

However, the anniversary of a disaster can also provide an opportunity for emotional healing. Individuals can make significant progress in working through the natural grieving process by recognizing, acknowledging, and paying attention to the feelings and issues that arise.

Please call today to talk to a counselor over the phone or in person. Appointments are made at a location and time convenient for you.

Español: (707) 608-8814
Santa Rosa Adults age 50+ : (707) 608-8804
Santa Rosa: (707) 608-8805
Petaluma & Sonoma Valley: (707) 608-8806
North & West County: (707) 608-8807

Download a flyer to print and distribute at your workplace: English or Spanish

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