Local and State Policy Platform

We support policies that are consistent with the creation of a vibrant urban core, significantly increased housing for all income levels, a more diversified and inclusive economy, and a strong workforce. We believe this will create a healthy and thriving business environment for all. We will endorse policies and practices that support business start-up, innovation, expansion and attraction. We believe that the best policies use a data driven, evidence-based approach.

The Policy Platform includes eight issue areas, with a limited number of focused objectives. The goal of our Policy Platform is to establish a focused framework for developing and responding to local, state and national issues that positively or adversely affect our community and our members. The Metro Chamber uses its Policy Platform to inform communication with elected leaders and members, and to guide its engagement on community efforts. (View the print version of the Local and State Policy Platform [PDF] coming soon.)


A high-performing, responsive, and responsible government is essential to the success of our community. At its best, local government, in particular, creates policies to encourage economic development and business attraction, expedite housing development, provide safety and community services, maintain recreation facilities, and other vital services for residents. ...read the focused objectives


There have been many recent improvements to our transportation infrastructure and there is still critical work to be done. Investment in our transportation systems are critical for the health and growth of our economy. Investments in local road repair and maintenance improve safety and movement of traffic, improving the travel experience for locals and visitors alike. We support transportation policies and funding that increase mobility, relieve congestion and expand alternative commute options. We support improved collaboration between agencies to improve the overall transportation system including connectors between different modes of public transportation. ...read the focused objectives


A vibrant downtown is crucial in recruiting a high-quality workforce and for new business development, providing recreation and retail opportunities for residents, and providing attractions for tourism. A vibrant downtown should include a mix of dense residential and active street level use, including retail, and should offer a safe and visually appealing customer experience. Economic studies conducted by the City of Santa Rosa demonstrate the highest tax return and property value are in the city’s downtown areas, providing the highest economic return on investment. ...read the focused objectives


Our housing crisis is the greatest threat to our long-term economic and cultural success. The Chamber will advocate for incentives and opportunities that create more housing at all levels, and organize the private sector to support new housing development in all market levels. ...read the focused objectives


Every community in the Bay Area is facing increases in those experiencing homelessness. This crisis comes at a high cost to the entire community. While the “housing first” model is proven to be effective in reducing homelessness, this is not a quick fix and is difficult to implement during a housing crisis. Substantial resources are needed if we are to provide housing for those in need as a first step towards helping them re-enter our communities. The causes of homelessness are multi-faceted and require that multiple levels of support be made available. We support policies, partnerships and funding to increase our stock of housing for low and extremely low-income individuals and families. We support safe and structured long-term interim solutions to the encampments that are causing a negative impact on our entire community. ...read the focused objectives

Energy & Natural Resources

The extraordinary quality of the physical environment of our region is critical to the quality of life we enjoy. It is also the underpinning of various sectors of our local economy, particularly our tourism and recreation industries. The droughts and fires we have experienced in recent years highlight the need to use our natural resources in a manner that is sustainable in the long-term and to promote land use and management practices and building codes that minimizes the impact of natural disasters. ...read the focused objectives


Ensuring that our community’s youth have a strong academic foundation along with equal and ongoing opportunity for educational success is key in the development of our future workforce. We support investments that will strengthen access to quality early childhood care, early education, and K-12 Education and that align postsecondary programs with employer needs, including a focus on STEM and CTE opportunities. Career Technical Education (CTE) opportunities for students are crucial to integrate real world examples and opportunities that help all students to graduate from high school college and career ready. ...read the focused objectives


Sonoma County’s allure as a global destination for high-end wines, craft beer, outdoor recreation and cutting-edge cuisine is a critical component of the region’s ongoing economic success. Large employers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs all rely on the strength of the local tourism economy, which employs 1 of 10 residents and also provides amenities and recreation opportunities for locals. ...read the focused objectives


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