Member Profile: Ana Lopez, Community Child Care Council 4Cs
Published Monday, August 28, 2017 7:00 am

Tell us about what you do? Give us your “elevator speech”

I am a Case Manager for the community child care council of Sonoma County. I work with families in out childcare voucher program and out California State Preschool Program. The preschool that I case manage is Paulin Creek Child Development Center here in Santa Rosa

How long have you been with your company/in that line of work?

I have been at 4Cs for about 2 years 

What do you enjoy most about YPN? If you are new and haven’t experienced what YPN has to offer - what are you hoping to accomplish within this community?

I have been enjoying getting to know the other members of YPN. I hope to make some networking connections.

What do you bring to YPN? If you were to be a go to person for a fellow YPN member what would they go to you for?

Through my work at 4Cs I have been able to get to know other organizations in Sonoma County that offer services for the community. I am happy to refer people to these organizations. Something else that I offer are facilitation, training and consulting skills. I am currently a second year at Sonoma State’s Masters in Organizational Development program.

How long have you been in Sonoma County? If a short period where are you from originally?

I have been in Sonoma County since I was 8 years old.

Whether it is “Hakuna Matata” “Carpe Diem” or “Just Do IT” - Do you have a motto in life?

My current life motto is “Live Your Best Life” 

In 10 years where do you hope to be?

I hope that in 10 years, I will be an independent business consultant.

If you were allowed to eat one type of food for the rest of your life (and not deal with the consequences) what would it be?

Any kind of pasta!

What is your proudest accomplishment thus far?

Finishing the first year of graduate school

Whether it’s a sitcom, Rom-Com, Horror or Thriller – What is on your recently watched list on Netflix/Hulu?

The Crown 

Who is your hero?

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo

What is your favorite book?

Bridget Jones Diary 

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Working for a for profit company doing internal development and living in my own home with my cat and a dog.

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